Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and has a temperature of -78.9°C. We offer dry ice in the form of compressed 3.0 mm or 1.5 mm pellets.

Dry ice does not contain any water, and is completely non-toxic and non-combustible. In addition to this, dry ice is non-conductive.

Our Dry Ice Energy PREMIUM dry ice is exceptionally effective because it is produced in a highly compressed form. Due to its particularly high density it has a longer life than conventional dry ice, while enabling faster, better cleaning. Dry Ice Energy dry ice is food-safe and can therefore be used for cleaning food production facilities. 

Why 1.5 mm pellets?
3 mm pellets are an established standard in industrial cleaning. This value refers to the diameter of the pellets. Dry Ice Energy has recognised that these pellets are not suitable for cleaning cars, especially car interiors. The 3 mm pellets are four times the volume of our 1.5 mm pellets. This means that when these pellets hit the material, their kinetic energy is several times higher than that of our 1.5 mm pellets. This in turn results in a higher risk of causing damage to the car interior. Our pellets eliminate this risk almost completely.

Another reason is that our 1.5 mm pellets reach into corners, cracks and edges more easily to remove dirt. 

We dispatch our dry ice in the form of packages, generally within only one or two days in the whole of Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Our “ordered today – delivered tomorrow” principle gives our clients the best possible flexibility in planning and in the use of the Champ Turbo.