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Dry Ice Energy is the inventor of compact and easy dry ice cleaning. Cleaning with dry ice is much faster and easier than with conventional methods and works without water. However, dry ice blasting machines available to date are usually very heavy, very loud and have high acquisition and operating costs. 

Dry Ice Energy goes a different way and with its patented and uniquely handy cleaning machines finally makes the advantages of dry ice cleaning easy to use and uncomplicated.

Dry Ice Energy Ltd

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Cleaning with dry ice Areas of application

Dry ice blasting

Removal of viruses, bacteria and mold, cleaning without water and aggressive chemicals

Our products

Thoroughly remove all types of dirt such as oils, greases, other organic buildup and germs (bacteria, mold and viruses) from almost all surfaces without water or aggressive chemicals!

Dry ice blasting machine Champ

Champ Basic

radiant intensity:  
Champ Basic dry ice blasting machine


radiant intensity:  
Champ Basic dry ice blasting machine

Champ Turbo

radiant intensity:  
Dry ice blasting machine Champ Vario V4

Champ Vario

radiant intensity:  

* Financing example: term of 60 months and 10 percent residual value plus VAT - creditworthiness provided.

To our
rental models

No investment, no long-term commitment. Rent our dry ice blasting machines with flexible terms. Whether 3, 6 or 12 months - test the new type of dry ice cleaning extensively and flexibly - without risk!


Dry Ice Energy does the dry ice cleaning
finally easy in our company
to use and uncomplicated!

Alexander Ilg


Advantages of the
Dry ice cleaning
with Dry Ice Energy

Optimum cleaning results

Less time required for TOP results

Low operating costs

Low dry ice consumption and compressed air requirements

Easy to use

No electricity, from 12 kg and compact design

Maintenance-free Made In Germany

Developed, patented and produced in Germany

Hygienic cleanliness

Removal of dirt and germs on almost all surfaces

Environmental friendly

Cleaning without water and aggressive chemicals

The Dry Ice Energy dry ice cleaning machines impress with their compact design, their easy handling and their low dry ice consumption and compressed air requirements. Quality Made in Germany!
Dry ice cleaning test hygiene


With our innovative anti-germ coating, you can protect surfaces from the colonization of pathogens for a period of up to 12 months, for example after dry ice cleaning. This provides active protection against contamination and transmission of pathogens through contact with surfaces in the future.
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How does cleaning with dry ice work?

Cleaning with dry ice infographic

Dry ice is frozen CO2 and is approx. -80° C cold - it is absolutely environmentally neutral, non-toxic and contains no water. For cleaning purposes, dry ice is pressed into rice grain-sized pellets and applied to the surface to be cleaned using dry ice cleaning machines.

Cleaning with dry ice infographic

Due to the cold and the high speed of the dry ice pellets, the dirt becomes brittle and cracks - the surface to be cleaned is not attacked because dry ice is not abrasive.

Cleaning with dry ice infographic

Upon impact, the dry ice pellets increase their volume by 760 times and "blast" the dirt particles off the surface.

Cleaning with dry ice infographic

Dry ice changes directly from the solid to the gaseous state (sublimation) and dissolves without residue. There is no moisture during cleaning and no contamination from the blasting material.

Dry Ice Box Dry Ice Energy

Order dry ice

Dry ice from Dry Ice Energy

Order dry ice

Dry ice in various formats for blasting or cooling.

“Ordered Today – Delivered Tomorrow” You can count on that!

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Find a certified Dry Ice Energy partner in
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You want to know where you are taking advantage of the
Can dry ice cleaning benefit with Dry Ice Energy?

Partner Network

Find a certified Dry Ice Energy partner in
Your area for a cleaning service or advice on dry ice technology:

Would you like to know where you can benefit from the advantages of dry ice cleaning with Dry Ice Energy? Or how you can purchase our machines?

Hygienic effect

Dry Ice Energy removes germs from almost all surfaces and provides a hygienically clean environment - without water or the use of aggressive chemicals.

Molds and tools

The dry ice cleaning devices from Dry Ice Energy weigh from 12 kg, are very mobile and do not need electricity. It can be cleaned on the fly and the compact dry ice machine can be easily moved from machine to machine.

Car preparation

Because of the unique properties of
Dry ice machines from Dry Ice Energy and our premium
Dry ice is used in car interiors, engines and electrical
Components cleaned faster, better and more gently than with
common cleaning agents is possible - environmentally friendly, without
Water and without aggressive chemicals that are harmful to health.

Cooling Systems

Gentle and hygienic cleaning without damaging the slats. Quick and easy cleaning with dry ice - without brushing or dismantling parts!


Due to the compact design and the low compressed air requirement, the dry ice blasting machines from Dry Ice Energy can also be used on the move. The mobile service sets standards in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

and many more

The compact design and easy handling
enable efficient use in different
industries and areas of application. Convince
yourself through a demonstration at your site.


Due to the compact design and easy handling
there are many possible uses in numerous

  Cooling Systems
  and many more

What our customers say ...

With Dry Ice Energy we clean every day
significantly more vehicles per employee and
increase the quality.

Turnaround management

The possibility of cleaning in
we have ongoing production process
our productivity by 3-5 percent

Supervisor tool shop

We have been using dry ice in for years
of production - Dry Ice Energy relies here
Standards in terms of economy
and effectiveness.



Review - Very good for Dry Ice Energy

The Champ Turbo is a
sophisticated, easy-to-use drying
Ice blasting machine with a wide range of applications.

DRY ICE ENERGY for processing plants

Less time, reduced costs, better
Results – that sounds too good to be true.

Technical report workshop practice

The new clever vehicle cleaning concept -
Finally – slim, dainty and elegant, she glides

Cleaning entirely without water and chemicals

Dry Ice Energy offers new compact
dry ice cleaning system.

Mobile dry ice cleaning

Light, handy and effective.
The dry ice cleaning machine Champ Turbo
from Dry Ice Energy gently cleans surfaces

DRY ICE ENERGY for classic cars

the experienced specialist appreciates the use of the
innovative dry ice cleaning technology
vintage cars.


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We deliver solutions tailored to your needs
Application are tailored


Hygienic cleanliness by removing dirt and germs from almost all surfaces



Low operating costs due to the low consumption of dry ice and compressed air, and extremely easy handling


Environmentally friendly, as the cleaning is carried out without water and aggressive chemicals, but still optimal cleaning results at -80 ° C

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