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Dry ice cleaning workshop practice special print - specialist article

Cool thing

The new clever car cleaning concept Hechingen, 08.15 am.

08:17 h. Finally - slim, delicate and elegant it slides in. But the enthusiasm is limited - because it comes with company.

A sensitive matter Monti Zaidi, 43, is the lucky one at her side. He then starts work immediately. His topic today is the complete interior cleaning of a beautiful vintage car. In stylish blue overalls, he connects his small, handy companion to the existing compressed air hose nearby.

Then he takes two small scoops of dry ice from the styrofoam container, opens the lid on his machine and off he goes. Together with his 'colleague', the vacuum cleaner-sized Champ cleaning device from Dry-Ice-Energy GmbH, the two begin to work on the interior of the 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprintin Gardenia White. While Monti guides the end of the hose over the surface of the car headliner with a practiced hand and has cleaned this area with a steady movement after just a few moments, the dry ice machine next to him purrs with a constant hissing tone.

Then Monti takes care of the shelf and the dashboard.

oltimer dry ice cleaning

“Oldtimers are always particularly sensitive” ,

can tell Monti from experience.

“Great care is required here, because nothing really may be damaged. Getting spare parts for this type of car is a mean disaster. The classic car category is very sensitive. ",

For this reason alone, the experienced specialist appreciates the use of the innovative dry ice cleaning technology on classic cars. The dosed and steplessly adjustable jet strength from 1 to 8 bar enables gentle cleaning.