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The new anti-germ coating for excellent surface hygiene

Permanent germ reduction on surfaces.
Suitable for all surfaces.
Fights germs 24/7.

Germs on the surface of the hand

Germs are everywhere

Microorganisms surround us in our environment and settle on almost all surfaces. And we get in touch with them all the time.
Not all microorganisms are of concern - some are even useful. However, a large number of germs (bacteria, viruses, mold) pose considerable health risks. For example, people touch their faces about 25 times an hour. With every contact there is a risk of getting infected with a disease from germs that are on our hands.

Unfortunately, you cannot ensure that all surfaces are hygienically clean, at least not permanently. Unless the surfaces are disinfected almost all the time, which unfortunately is not possible, right?
Not correct! Dry Ice Energy takes the hygiene standard to a new level. With our antimicrobial coating keep your premises Hygienically clean 24/7!

The perfect addition to your hygiene concept:

Our Surface coating that kills germs and viruses is the perfect addition to your previous hygiene concept. In order to lower you maximum that Risk of infection by Surface contact and minimize the average number of germs on the treated surfaces by more than 65-80%. And that for one Period of up to 12 months and more. The anti-germ coating works independently of light, permanently 24 hours a day. It is invisible and can on all surfaces be applied.

Continuous germ reduction

So that the risk of infection through surface contact is kept low and germs are continuously killed.

12 months active

So that you no longer have to worry about surface disinfection every day.

suitable for all surfaces

So that we can coat everything and not have to leave out any surface.


So that you can touch everything safely and none of your customers, visitors or employees is endangered by contact with the coating.

100% made in Germany

So that you can rely on our word and our technology - developed, manufactured and tested 100 percent in Germany.

Anti-germ coating compared to conventional methods:

Temporal effect of a point-in-time disinfection

Normal point-in-time disinfection measuresreduce germs only at a certain moment.After application, new germs settle back quicklyand multiply. The risk of infection is only reduced for a short time.

The anti-germ coating, on the other hand, fights long-lasting and permanent microorganisms on all surfaces and thus drastically reduces the risk of infection through surface contact.

Due to its hydrophilic properties, the coating binds pathogens to the surface and its antimicrobial effect ensures that microorganisms are ineffective through structural changes and then killed.

The anti-germ coating brings hygiene to a new standard.

In order for the coating to be activated, our authorized specialists apply it using a special electrospray process. The application works on any surface and in all lighting conditions - even without UV light at all. The anti-germ coating is the world's first coating that shows a long-lasting mechanism of action against all types of germs (bacteria, viruses, molds and yeasts) independently of light.

The effectiveness has been confirmed in cooperation with independent institutes according to ISO standards and in real tests.

Examples of the Effectiveness against selected germs (reducing effect):
- Escherichia coli: 99,999% after 5 min
- Norovirus: 99,999% after 24 hours
- Coronavirus: 90% after 30 min
- Penicillium sp .: 99,9% after 4 - 24 hours
- Candida albicans: 99,98% after 1 hour

Effect of the antimicrobial coating

What our customers say:

After we didn't have good experiences with the first lockdown, we prepared better for the second wave. We have decided to long term disinfect all surfaces with which our employees and patients could come into contact. So that viruses and bacteria do not have a chance to multiply.

dr Stephen Ziegler

Managing Director KU64
Germany's largest dental practice


Antimicrobial surface coating for offices, hotels, restaurants

Trade / industry

• Offices
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Production areas
• ...

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Health service

• laboratories
• Doctors' offices
• Nursing homes
• hospitals
• ...

Antimicrobial surface coating for houses and apartments


• Houses
• Apartments
• Apartment buildings
• private institutions
• ...

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Public sector

• Offices
• Schools
• Kindergartens
• ...

Now lower the risk of infection and increase confidence in your location!

Protect your customers, your employees and yourself!

Would you like to use a coating or would you like to become our partner and offer the coating to your own customers?

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Frequently asked questions - FAQs

With the help of the electrospray process, the liquid is activated and shot through a magnetic field, creating a very fine and even coating on the surface, which is predominantly positively charged. In this way, the germs can be bound to the surface and killed.

The special electrospray process causes the spray droplets to be electrostatically charged and thus attracted to the surfaces to be coated. This ensures a very even surface application - even on areas that are difficult to access (e.g. computer keyboards, cooling systems or textiles).

The novel Anti-germ coating lasts on all surfaces for a period of 12 Monaten and permanently combats germ concentrations. So you get - compared to single disinfection measures - Long-term protection! The great advantage of the coating is the permanent effect over a long period of time - compared to disinfection measures, which only remove germs that are already there. The coating also fights pathogens that will only settle in the future.

Although new germs are constantly being applied to the surfaces, the coating allows us to keep the average germ level approx. 65 percent below that of untreated surfaces.
In tests in which no new germs are applied to the surfaces - laboratory conditions - we sometimes achieve reduction rates of 99,999 percent (depending on the germs examined).

The active ingredients of the anti-germ coating are structured in such a way that the antimicrobial effect is active in all light conditions - even without light - and remains 500% even after 99,9 cleaning cycles (with alcohol / water).

After the water solvent has evaporated, larger, island-like units of TiO2 with dimensions of 2 to 40 micrometers form on the treated surfaces. These aggregates are embedded in a thin film of silicon dioxide and remain firmly on the surface. Abrasion studies show that even after 10.000 times of abrasion in one piece, strong antimicrobial effectiveness can still be demonstrated.

This means that if the surfaces are cleaned correctly (pH values ​​of the cleaning agents from 3 to 9), the coating remains actively on the surfaces for a period of 6 months and longer.

All over. The anti-germ coating can be used on all surfaces.

Especially on areas with a high level of contact intensity (e.g. banisters, lift switches, public toilets, restaurant tables, escalators, door handles, touch displays, ATMs, EC terminals, public transport, car-sharing cars and rental cars, etc. ). As you can see, the possible uses for protection against infections are almost unlimited.

The anti-germ coating is a water-based suspension of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and small amounts of silver ions.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is obtained from the naturally occurring iron ore ilmenite (titanium iron), is contained as a white dye in countless products in our daily life:

  • Declared as E171 in food, e.g. in chewing gum
  • In food supplements, e.g. magnesium tablets
  • Declared as CI 77891 in cosmetics, e.g. toothpaste
  • In paints and varnishes declared as PW6 (Pigment White 6)
  • In medicinal products, e.g. tablets with a smooth coating.

We offer the coating service in numerous cities in Germany. If you would like to have your surfaces coated, we would be happy to make you an individual offer. Simply send us a request via our Contact Form.

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