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CHAMP TURBO - the ultimate compact dry ice blasting device

Our professional model for handy and mobile dry ice cleaning in continuous operation, which can also clean abrasively!

Dry ice cleaning machines from Dry Ice Energy impress with their compact and lightweight design, easy handling and low operating costs - with high cleaning performance. Our patented cleaning machine CHAMP TURBO stands for easy operation and enables optimal cleaning results in a significantly shorter time - without the use of Water or aggressive chemistry. CHAMP TURBO sets Standards in terms of cleaning efficiency and cleaning performance. The compact design and the low weight of only 17 kg allow universal use for countless Cleaning requirements.

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Technical data and special features

Our Champ Turbo impresses with its ability to clean in continuous operation and the use of Dry Ice Energy Power Pellets and abrasive blasting media. This makes it easy to remove extremely stubborn dirt and adhesions as well as paint stripping!


17 kg.


Length mm 530
Width 370 mm
Height mm 470

Compressed air connection:

Quick coupling ½ inch

Operating pressure:

1 - 10 bar - in continuous operation

Hopper capacity:

4,1 kg.

Blasting media:

Dry Ice Energy Mini-Pellets (approx. 1,5 mm) and
Dry Ice Energy Power Pellets (approx. 2,0 mm)
Dry Ice Energy abrasive blasting media

Dry ice consumption:

7 - 27 kg depending on the operating pressure and nozzle combination

Compressed air consumption and requirements:

0,5 m³ - 1,6 m³, depending on the
Nozzle combination and jet pressure.

Compressed air requirement:
clean, oil-free, dry,
free from foreign bodies
(Pressure dew point <10 ° C)

Power supply:

The system works purely pneumatically - no power connection required

(Pressure dew point <10 ° C)


60 dB (A) - 90 dB (A) - depending
of the nozzle combination and the
Surface of the object to be cleaned

special features:

Dry Ice Energy abrasive blasting media enables paint stripping and rust removal, for example.

Engine wash dry ice machine Champ Turbo
Car cleaning with dry ice blasting device
Motor cleaning with dry ice blasting device

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Champ Turbo
Dry ice cleaning

The most compact dry ice cleaning machine that can also clean abrasively - don't believe, we'll convince you!


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Dry ice cleaning devices Champ

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