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Dry ice cleaning in the car and motor vehicle preparation

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Reduce the time you spend on cleaning by 30-50 percent with Dry Ice Energy!

Cockpit cleaning with dry ice

Cleanliness down to the smallest crack - Even the gentle cleaning of displays or electronic speedometers is possible without any problems - no more streaks and streaks!

Cockpit cleaning with dry ice
Car interior cleaning with dry ice

Interior cleaning with dry ice

Sensitive components such as switches or boxes are not damaged by the gentle dry ice cleaning and are cleaned down to the last detail.

Engine wash with dry ice

More and more manufacturers are banning engine cleaning with high-pressure cleaners or water - Dry Ice Energy is the alternative.

Cleaning is also possible at locations without an oil separator.

Engine wash with dry ice

Advantages of dry ice cleaning with Dry Ice Energy in vehicle preparation and cleaning

In the field of vehicle cleaning and preparation, the Use the special one Dry ice cleaning Dry Ice Energy a clear one Quality improvement at the same time time savings. Due to the unique properties of the dry ice machines from
Dry Ice Energy and our premium dry ice clean car interiors, engines and electrical components faster, better and gentler than is possible with common cleaning agents -
environmentally friendly, without water and without being aggressive as well as health-critical Chemical.

Significant increase in sales and earnings through time savings

Many of our customers in vehicle preparation notice shortly after the introduction of Dry Ice Energy the advantages of our technology for their business.

Our Customers save on average between 30 and 50 percent time for interior cleaning. Of course, that means one first of all Cost savings per vehicle cleaning.

But that's only one side of the coin. Will the saved time for cleaning additional vehicles used result in enormous amounts Effects for sales and profit with better cleaning results!

Advantages of dry ice

Before and after effect and application tips

Engine cleaning with dry iceEngine cleaning with dry ice

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without water and without chemicals


with dry ice


incredibly simple, quiet and compact