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Dry ice cleaning in the plastics industry

Mobile with Dry Ice Energy - now super light, handy and effective ...

Convincing results

The Dry Ice Energy dry ice blasting devices set standards in terms of ease of use, compact design and quality made in Germany. The result is surfaces free of dust, grease, oil and salt.

Dry ice blasting devices in the plastics industry
Dry ice cleaning systems for tools

Without water and chemicals

The dry ice cleaning systems from Dry Ice Energy gently clean surfaces and hard-to-reach areas without water or aggressive chemicals.

More compact and simple than ever

With a weight of only 17 kilograms and the size of a vacuum cleaner, the machine is very light and easy to handle compared to known industrial machines. The low volume made it possible to clean on demand during operation.

Champ Turbo dry ice blasting machine plastics industry

Innovative compact dry ice cleaning enables flexible cleaning during ongoing operation and reduces cleaning time by 25 to 40 percent

Advantages of dry ice cleaning in general…

Mold cleaning in the plastics industry is often very time-consuming due to the complex structure of the tools and molds as well as the high quality requirements and requires the time-consuming use of mechanical cleaning processes in combination with the use of chemical, aggressive and often health-hazardous cleaning agents. Often the molds become scratched or their structure changes over time until they can no longer be used - which can quickly mean a five to six-figure new investment. Dry ice cleaning offers many advantages here - it is not abrasive and requires absolutely no water and significantly less chemicals. The dry ice, which is accelerated by compressed air at -79 degrees, increases its volume 700 times when it hits the molds and thus removes dirt caused by release agents, oil, grease or outgassing without leaving any residue. Dry ice cleaning has therefore been discussed and used for some time as an alternative to manual chemical cleaning. However, the blasting devices currently available on the market are often very heavy and therefore unwieldy, extremely loud at times of over 120 dB and require compressed air that often cannot be operated without adjustments to the compressed air lines and compressors. Added to this are high purchase prices, sometimes over EUR 20.000, high dry ice consumption and therefore high ongoing operating costs.

What makes Dry Ice Energy special ...

The Dry ice cleaning equipment from Dry Ice Energy weigh only 17 kg, are very mobile and do not need electricity - they are also very economical with an investment of less than EUR 8.000 and a low dry ice consumption of between 7 and 25 kg/h.

It can be cleaned on the fly and the compact dry ice machine easily moved from shape to shape. Cleaning takes place without dismantling and cooling down of the molds during operation. This achieves extremely high flexibility and time savings in cleaning of over 40 percent. At the same time, the production quality is improved, since the vents of the tools are cleaned much better and rejects are reduced. Due to the gentle cleaning, the service life of the tools is significantly increased. The costs for the previously used chemical cleaning agents and for the dry ice now used are about the same.

Dry ice cleaning with Dry Ice Energy is an effective, environmentally friendly and, above all, cost-neutral way of cleaning molds, with which a productivity increase of two to three percent is only possible through a modified cleaning technology. At the same time, the quality of the products is increased, the durability of the tools is significantly increased and the exposure of employees to health-related chemical cleaners is reduced.

Our concept - your benefit:

Optimization of tool and mold cleaning in the plastics industry with mobile and flexible dry ice cleaning in vacuum cleaner format.

  • Cleaning time reduced by 25-40 percent
  • Cost-neutral use due to the elimination of aggressive chemicals
  • Use in the running process without cooling the molds directly in the machine
  • Special dry ice quality - extremely gentle on the surface
  • Flexible use due to low weight (17 kg)
  •  Less rejects thanks to improved cleaning quality, even for complex shapes

Here is the before and after effect:

Plastic mold cleaning dry icePlastic mold cleaning dry ice
Dry ice cleaning benefits

Dry Ice Energy
Dry ice cleaning

Tool and mold cleaning as compact and easy as never!


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