Premium dry ice

Dry Ice Energy is a manufacturer of high-strength premium dry ice. Our production reacts flexibly to the requirements of our customers.

"Ordered today - delivered tomorrow" - you can rely on that!


Premium dry ice

 Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and has a temperature of -78,9 ° C. We offer it in pressed form as
3,0 mm
 or as Mini pellets 

Contains dry ice no water, is absolutely non-toxic and  non-flammable. It's beyond not conductive.

Why our dry ice?

Our Dry Ice Energy PREMIUM dry ice has one special high degree of effectiveness, because it manufactured with high density is. Due to its particularly high density, on the one hand it lasts much longer than conventional dry ice, on the other hand it cleans faster and better. Dry Ice Energy Is dry ice food safe and can therefore be used for cleaning food production plants without any problems.

Why mini pellets?
The standard of 3mm pellets has established itself in industrial cleaning. This means the diameter of the pellets. Dry Ice Energy has recognized that these pellets are not suitable for cleaning angled, hard-to-reach areas and sensitive surfaces. The 3mm pellets have four times the volume of our mini pellets. Accordingly, the kinetic energy when the pellets hit is many times higher than that of our mini pellets. This also increases the risk of causing damage during cleaning. With our mini pellets this is almost impossible.

How do you get our dry ice?
We send our dry ice in package form. Every order is freshly produced by us and dispatched the same day. The principle "Ordered today - there tomorrow" gives our customers the greatest possible flexibility in planning and in use with the Dry Ice Energy dry ice cleaning. We supply our customers in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and many other countries through our international partner network.

Premium Dry Ice Energy
Dry ice

Ordered today and delivered tomorrow - you can rely on that!