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The ice-cold lady

The new clever car cleaning concept Hechingen, 08.15 am.

08:17 h. Finally - slim, delicate and elegant it slides in. But the enthusiasm is limited - because it comes with company.

A sensitive matter Monti Zaidi, 43, is the lucky one at her side. He then starts work immediately. His topic today is the complete interior cleaning of a beautiful vintage car. In chic blue overalls, he connects his small, handy companion to the existing compressed air hose nearby.

Then he takes two small scoops of dry ice from the styrofoam container, opens the lid on his machine and off he goes. Together with his 'colleague', the vacuum cleaner-sized Champ cleaning device from Dry-Ice-Energy GmbH, the two begin to work on the interior of the 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprintin Gardenia White. While Monti guides the end of the hose over the surface of the car headliner with a practiced hand and has cleaned this area with a steady movement after just a few moments, the dry ice machine next to him purrs with a constant hissing tone.

Then Monti takes care of the shelf and the dashboard.

"The classic cars are always particularly sensitive",

can tell Monti from experience.

“You have to be extremely careful here because nothing really should be damaged. Obtaining spare parts for this type of car is a mean disaster. The classic car category is very sensitive. ",

For this reason alone, the experienced specialist appreciates the use of the innovative dry ice cleaning technology on classic cars. The dosed and steplessly adjustable jet strength from 1 to 8 bar enables gentle cleaning.

dry ice cleaning for oldtimers engine compartment cleaning
dry ice cleaning for classic cars engine compartment cleaning 2
dry ice cleaning for oldtimers

After a short time, Monti cleaned the entire interior. The upholstery and gaps were also treated with dry ice. There are no taboo zones. Finally, the dirt particles that have remained on the floor are conveniently removed with a classic vacuum cleaner. The remaining dirt particles have already been blasted outside. “Up until now there was always a grease film on the parts after chemical cleaning. As a result, the smell was partly penetrating and the dust also settled there much faster, ”is Monti's observation. Allergy sufferers therefore benefit twice. With dry ice there are no longer any impairments. His customers regularly appreciate and praise this effect.

Faster is cheaper

“As a company, we have been using the new dry ice cleaning devices very successfully for some time,” says Uwe Heusel, 49, managing partner of WBA Heusel GmbH. “The use of these devices has become indispensable not only in our classic vehicles. We get a much better cleaning result in half the time ”. Previously, the interior parts that were processed with the wet cleaner and covered with fabric had to dry first. The dry ice, on the other hand, evaporated in seconds and mixed with the atmosphere. The customer can take the trolley with them immediately after cleaning. The sometimes very old vehicles that are in the care of the WBA Heusel GmbH company have so far been very stressed by today's chemical cleaning agents. The smell stays in the vehicle long after cleaning. Apart from the environmental pollution caused by chemicals, the cleaning result is only as good as people and the cleaning device allow. Small cracks, crevices, ventilation shafts or sensitive surfaces make cleaning vehicle interiors a real Sisyphus task. Because until now brushes, toothbrushes, rags and wrapped pieces of wood have been used. But now all of this work is done by a very handy and easy-to-use cleaning device. “Even my workshop is now clean in no time - unbelievable. We also clean tools, sockets, etc. with the Dry-Ice-Energy machine. That has become our darling, ”says Heusel. Here the company also saves time and resources and improves its production process. "Usually only the vehicles of my customers inspire me, but now they have real competition," says Heusel with a smile and gets into his own red Alfa Romeo GTA Junior 1974, who is now the next to have fun with the Dry-Ice-Energy Champ -Lady has. The appearance at the next Classic Rally is imminent.

Engine wash possible again

Since washing the engine with the classic method has become more difficult, there have been considerable problems with this topic. In the classic car sector, it is almost impossible to clean wet. The sensitive and much poorly protected parts must be very carefully cleaned. Wet cables or water getting into other areas of the engine can be devastating. If cleaning was done with steam, it was necessary to go dry with a cloth, which involved considerable effort. “So far, the effort involved in wet chemical cleaning has been relatively high. The entire engine area then had to be drained very laboriously, ”reports Heusel. “Every cable, every rubber hose, the ignition units, all of this can now be cleaned again. Practically everything is open to both old vehicles. Hardly anything is encapsulated. Wet chemical cleaning was no longer in proportion to the benefits. ”The dry ice, on the other hand, is amazing. Dry ice cleaning also removes stubborn dirt such as oil or other lubricants. After a few seconds the ice will have evaporated and the dirt will fall down. Wet chemical cleaning is also not recommended for modern vehicles. The manuals often state clearly that the insurance benefit expires if wet chemical cleaning is used.

Additional benefits for vehicle workshops
Dry ice cleaning represents a revolution here. Simply set the appropriate blasting pressure and then go to work with a practiced hand. None of this is rocket science, but the result of research and implementation using intelligent products. The dry ice cleaning devices the size of an average vacuum cleaner only require medium-strong compressed air, which is practically on site in every car workshop. “The dry ice business is very interesting. There is an increasing demand for good cleaning. We also like the great environmental friendliness of the product. We work CO2-neutrally when using dry ice. The cleaning takes place completely without chemical additives. We appreciate that - and our customers. The same dry ice cleaning device is used to clean both the vehicle interior and the very sensitive engine area. No conversion is necessary. Our investment is more than paying off for the company, ”concludes Heusel. “I can give the automotive industry this advice with complete conviction. Practice has clearly proven this. ”09:10 h. After one last look at the sparkling clean Alfa Romeo, the ice-cold lady disappears into the next room - you see each other. Finally, there is Monti's favorite action - cleaning the device. A few short sprayers over the compact veneer in a matter of seconds - done. Wiping, wet cleaning or anything else is no longer necessary.

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