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Hygienic effect of dry ice cleaning - removal of germs, bacteria, viruses and mold

Hygienic standards redefined - Dry Ice Energy!

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Dry Ice Energy - where it depends on germ-free hygiene without bacteria, viruses and mold and that without water or chemicals!

Germs are everywhere

Microorganisms surround us in our environment and settle on almost all surfaces. We keep in touch with them. Up to 10 million bacteria live on one square centimeter of skin. Doctors speak of germ flora, for example, to express that germs belong to the body like plants to the ecosystem.

Germs on the surface of the hand
Hygienic effect of dry ice

Health hazard

So not all microorganisms are questionable - some are even useful. However, a large number of germs (bacteria, viruses, mold) pose considerable health risks. If pathogenic germs get into the body, they can cause considerable damage and, for example, cause infections.

Remove germs with Dry Ice Energy!

Dry Ice Energy removes germs from almost all surfaces and provides a hygienically clean environment - without water or the use of aggressive chemicals. In addition to our own studies, this effect of dry ice has also been shown in studies such as the TU Berlin. After cleaning, the number of germs per unit area is extremely reduced and sometimes more so than with chemical cleaning agents but without chemicals and water.

Hygienic effect of dry ice cleaning with Dry Ice Energy:

Dry ice enables residue-free cleaning without water and aggressive chemicals - the application is environmentally friendly and often much faster than conventional cleaning processes. Due to the unique properties of dry ice, cleaning also has a hygienic effect. Germs and pathogens are removed from the surface, ensuring a hygienically clean environment. This is particularly beneficial in areas where traditional disinfection methods are difficult to use. This involves, for example, upholstered furniture in the catering trade, in local public transport or even in airplanes - cleaning with water is often not possible here due to drying times. Dry Ice Energy offers an alternative here, as it can be used again just five minutes after cleaning. Furthermore, there is a transmission of pathogens via contact surfaces, some of which are difficult to clean with water - displays on ticket machines or ATMs, aircraft seats or computer keyboards. Dry Ice Energy cleans completely without water and is therefore suitable for electronic components without restrictions.  

Study TU-Berlin on the germicidal effect of dry ice:

Dry ice has the property of removing germs from surfaces. Here, the food industry investigated how dry ice cleaning affects the germ load on surfaces. The result was a germ reduction from over 35 germs per square centimeter to 1 germ per square centimeter. This means that the required limit values ​​are clearly undercut. Without aggressive chemicals and water. We have summarized an extract of the results for you here.

Hygiene in vehicle cleaning
with Dry Ice Energy:

We come particularly close to germs in many areas of our lives - for example in our cars. We pick up these via contact surfaces in the environment and transfer them to surfaces in the vehicle. We have proven through ATP and contact tests that Dry Ice Energy can reduce the germ load in this area to a harmless level. Before cleaning, ATP and contact tests showed a level of contamination well above the limit values ​​permitted in the food sector - in other words, in some cases harmful to health.
After cleaning with Dry Ice Energy - without water and chemical cleaning agents - the germ load could be reduced below an infectious level.

Before and after effect

Contact test mold exposureMold contamination after dry ice cleaning
BMV interior cleaning dry ice beforeBMV dry ice cleaning after

About our long-term sealing:

After all surfaces have been hygienically cleaned with the help of dry ice cleaning, there is the possibility with our new type Anti-germ coating these surfaces then for a period of 6 and more Months vor der resettlement of Pathogens too protect. This becomes an active one Protection against contamination and transmission of pathogens through contact with surfaces in the future given.

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